Spray Painting

At Jimmy Gregg Autobody Repairs, we use state of the art equipment to ensure that your new paintwork looks fresh and new. Our staff has received professional training, meaning that they know exactly how the systems work and how to get the most out of them. We use a colour matching technology, so the colour is spot on each and every time. The end result is a perfectly finished spray paint job; with your car looking like it has just left the showroom.

We provide spray painting services for:

  • Bumpers

  • Door Panels

  • Wing Mirrors

  • Bonnets

  • And everything else

We have worked with cars that have been keyed, scratched, in an accident, or simply brushed up against too many hedges,
We have also sprayed cars that have just faded over time, bringing them back to life, looking like new!


At Jimmy Gregg Autobody Repairs, we use Standox products in order to provide the best spray painting service possible. The Standox range is well known for its superior quality and “one visit application”. The range is also environmentally friendly, meaning that we can help do our bit for the environment.